Botanical Olive Oil
Skin Silk Testimonials


"The new olive oil is pretty nice.
I have used it as touch up for dry skin
areas on 2 clients and both like it.
Skin Silk is an appropriate title.
Thanks for the good service"
USA Bodyworks

"I am so happy to have found your lotion on line. I used it in AZ
when I lived there and now that I live in Illinois was not able to find it.
Is the dealer in AZ (Health Touch and Such) the same as it was in
Phoenix/Scottsdale? I loved this product!"
Pam Burnside

"My friend raved about this olive oil stuff. I would just roll my eyes and
think - no cream could be that good. Then she gave me a bottle for Xmas
and I am hooked. It is the best I have ever used and there have been many
since I am now 52!"
Thank you for creating such an excellent product!
Carol LeTellier

All ingredients are derived from plants,
no animal by-products are used.
Color and Fragrance Free.
Olive Tree