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Section I: Identification

Trade Name: Natural Treasures Massage Oil

Product Class: Mixture of fatty triglycerides and esters

HMIS/NFPA Hazard Identification System:

Health: 0 Reactivity: 0

Flammability: 1 Protective Code: A

Printed Date 04/09/2007 Revision Date 09/27/2006

Section II: Hazardous Ingredients

Ingredients Name    Abstracts  Number       Vapor Pressure

Coconut Oil               8001-31-8                     0.05 mm

Isopropyl Palmitate     142-91-6                       0.05 mm

Ascorbyl Palmitate      50-81-7                             N/A

Vitamin E Acetate       58-95-7                             N/A


Section III: Physical Data

Boiling Point: N/A

Vapor Density: N/A

Evaporation Rate: Slower than Ether

% Volatile by Volume: -0-

Density (lb/gal) 7.5

Appearance: Clear, light yellow, odorless liquid at 68 deg F.

Section IV: Fire and Explosion Hazard Data

D.O.T. Catergory: N/A

Flash Point: 310 Deg F. (COC)

Extinguishing Media" Foam, Carbon Dioxide, Dry Chemicals

Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards: None

Special Firefighting Procedures: Standard firefighters P.P.E. and self-contained breathing apparatus.

Section V: Reactivity Data

Stability: Stable

Condition to avoid: Keep from contact with oxidizing materials. Will react with strong base and/or heat to produce an alcohol byproduct.

Hazardous Decomposition Products: Products of incomplete combustion may include carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and dense smoke.

Section VI: Health Hazard Data

Eye Contact: No evidence of adverse effects from available information.

Skin Contact: No evidence of adverse effects from available information.

Skin Adsorption: Not likely to result in material being absorbed through the skin.

Ingestion: No evidence of adverse effects from available information.

Inhalation: No evidence of adverse effects from available information.

There are no known chronic effects for this product.

Emergency and First Aid Procedures

Eyes: Flush thoroughly with water for 15 minutes. If irritation develops, see a physician.

Skin: Wash thoroughly with soap and water.

Ingestion: Give pleant of water, do not induce vomiting. Obtain medical advice or attention.

Section VII: Spill or Leak Procedure

Steps to be taken in case material is released of spilled: Remove sources of ignition,. Take up spill with sand, vermiculite, or other absorbent. Flush spill with detergent and water.

                    Waste to be disposed of in accordance with State, Local, and Federal Regulations.

                    NOTE: Spills will be slippery.

Section VIII: Special Protection Information

Respiratory: None Required

Ventilation: No Special ventilation required.

Protective Gloves: None required.

Eye Protection: Recommended

Other Protective Equipment: A source of water should be available to flush eyes or wash skin in event of exposure.

Section VIII: Special Precautions

Precautions to be taken in handling and storage: Store in closed containers, protect from contamination with foreign materials, store below 150 deg F. Material is noncorrosive to most materials, but will react with some types of rubber and synthetic rubber products.

Other precautions: Do not transfer into unmarked containers.

Other information: Product meets requirements for safety and is not a health hazard as defined by Chapter II, Title 16 - Code of Federal Regulations, Federal Hazardous Substances Act 1500.3 and 1500.4.